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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Money Crisis by Judge Alfred Yaple

The Money Crisis: Its Causes and Remedy was written by Judge Alfred Yaple in 1873 (original source: Library of Congress).  Today is a good day to make a PDF of this little book available! (Use the title to go to the PDF.)  

Judge Yaple is a distant relative--descended from another son of our common immigrant ancestor, Philip Henrich Yaple and his second wife, Susanna Vesqueau Heimbach, widow of Matthias Heimbach.

Judge Yaple was a teacher, a lawyer, a Judge, served in many legislative capacities, and well loved and respected.  I can only find brief description from the Resolution issued at his death on Jan 26, 1895 (ae 65) giving a glimpse of Alfred Yaple, the man. 

"...he loved to read, speculate, ponder upon religious subjects as well as general sciences, indeed his restless mind was ever engaged upon some abstruse problem, legal, scientific or moral.   

"...Very few men, however, could so universally reward ... attention with imparted intelligence, novel thoughts and striking suggestions.

"... his ashes were cemented in a tombstone at the home of his childhood, Pike Run, Eagle Township, Vinton County, Ohio and so has passed from among men, one of the most unique and interesting persons of Ohio."  ~Members of the Bar of Ross County, Ohio

In this nearly 140 year old booklet, simply put, Judge Yaple lays out the remedy for: The Money Crisis.

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